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Abschlussgewebe für Bügeltische und Bügelpressen

Cotton-Nettle as Final Cover

Cotton-Nettle is used as a final cover for ironing tables and -presses. mehr

Nylon Stretch as final cover

Caused by its good elasticity Nylon Stretch is applicable on all presses as a final cover. mehr

Nomex®-Nettle as Final Cover

Nomex®-Nettle is characterized by a high temperature resistance. Depending on the ironing temperature it might be better to prefer that material mehr

Polyamide as Final Cover

Caused by its multifunctional characteristics Polyamide fabric can be used as a special final cover mehr

Polyester Fabric as Final Cover

Caused by the very good steam permeability Polyester fabrics are excellent final cover cloths for ironing tables. mehr

Teflon®-Fabric as Final Cover

Final cover for roller presses mehr

Multi-Stretch, a Fabric for Stretch frames

The multi-stretch cover cloths are used on centering frames, as final cover cloth on heads and bucks of double legger pressing machines as well as on back and trouser shape pressing machines. mehr

Monthly Special Offers

Nylonstretch NS2
blue, 140cm width
**less air-permeable**

This offer is valid until 31.10.2021


Stainless Steel Wire Screening EDG/BRI
Twilled, 150cm

This offer is valid until 31.10.2021


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