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Nomex® Needlefelt

Nomex® needle felt is an excellent insulation and intermediate pad material and is used on nearly all types of pressing machines.

Just in case of different finish conditions and steam characteristics this product shows its strengths. For the clothing industry this intermediate pad become an indispensable press cover material.

High Resistance to Temperature

In case of humid steam the resistance to temperature is up to 180° Celsius / 363° F. Through this the other cover materials – from the basic to the final cover – are protected against heat and hydrolysis action. The life span of those cover materials will be prolonged.

Good Steam Permeability

Nomex® needle felt has very good steam permeability. Equal steaming of the fabrics is guaranteed. Bad air permeability as well as an unequal steaming may be the reason of pressure marks.

High Absorption of Humidity

Because of the high absorption of humidity in connection with the low influence of temperature the Nomex® needle felt avoids a too fast wee-out effect to the other covers. (Those cover materials do not get brittle and hard that fast.)

  • Quality NXNF 1
    4 mm thick
    160 and 180 cm width

    Quality NXNF 3
    6 mm thick
    180 cm width

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