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Filter media for air conditioning systems and paint booths

Filter media for air conditioning systems and paint booths

Pre-filter mats (synthetic & fiberglass)

Progressively compressed, thermally bound air filter medium with high mechanical strength in the fiber composite mehr


Die einzigartige Vlieskonstruktion mit besonders geglätteten und verdichteten Reinluftseite sichert hohe Abscheidegrade. mehr

Paint Mist separator

The paint mist separators of the Mofiltex series are a high-quality, randomly mounted glass fiber medium. mehr

Fiberglass filter cells

The media structure consists of randomly mounted glass fibers in a form-elastic fiber structure. mehr

Pocket filter synthetic medium

Thermally bonded high-performance nonwovens made of synthetic fibers, assembled into filter bags, built tightly into the frame. mehr

Replacement filter belts for roll band filters

On the clean air side, all replacement filter belts are reinforced with a grid. mehr

HEPA Filter

Our particulate filters are high-performance filters for the separation of suspended solids, aerosols, etc. from the supply and exhaust air. mehr

VEIT Air Cleaner

The new VEIT Air Cleaner clean up to 400 cubic meters of room air from viruses and bacteria every hour. 99.9% air filtration without chemicals mehr

Monthly Special Offers

Soft Fix SF15-6mm
rusty red, soft
940mm width

This offer is valid until 31.12.2021


Windsock-Fabric D1
olive, 90g/m²
170cm width

This offer is valid until 31.12.2021


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