Copper Wire Screening

For uniform suction and blow air flow

Durable material. Ideally suited for ideal steam distribution on subplates

and to prevent gloss when used on top plates


  • Copper Wire Screening
    Quality  KKV50

    Standard, tin-plated
    130 cm wide

Copper Wire Screening

An extra fine and smooth quality, suitable as a final cover on heads of all finish-pressing machines. Very suitable also for underpressing machines in case of ironing the right side of the fabric. This quality avoids luster (shine) and pressure marks even with particularly easy and sensitive fabrics.
Caution! The quality is very sensitive and must be handled with very special care and be stored in lying position only.

  • Copper Press Screening
    Extra fine twill weave, tin-plated
    Quality  KKV25
    130 cm wide

Monthly Special Offers

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250g/m², 2,5mm thick

This offer is valid until 31.07.2024


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This offer is valid until 31.07.2024


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