Anti-Lustre Top Cover Materials

The polyester ant-lustre fabric AG15 is a synthetic special fabric to reduce luster. This fabric has a fine twill weave and is used for light woolen fabrics as well as for woolen multi blends.  This article is excellent  for dark colours  such as navy and black. AG15 is for the use as a top cover on the head of pressing machines. The rough side of the AG15 must face the fabric to be pressed. Cut the material in diagonal direction (see copper screening) and fastened with cover springs.

The quality AG16 is a woven fabric with a fine structure and is specifically designed for fine and delicate fabrics such as poplin, light cotton blends for casual jackets, blousons etc.

Quality AG14 is also referred to as Prefitt fabric. This fabric distributes steam and condensate droplets perfectly. Moisture in the ironing system is thus greatly reduced. The optimal air flow prevents marks and gloss.

  • Anti-Lustre Material
    Quality AG15
    160cm wide

  • Anti-Lustre Material
    Quality AG16
    150cm wide

  • Anti-Lustre Material
    Quality AG14
    140cm wide

A ursalit needle fabric

This material is specifically designed for the use on such fabrics as velour, corduroy, cashmere, brushed wools and other high nap fabrics. AG17 is highly recommended for such uses as a top cover on the head of pressing machines. Especially for fabrics of which the shiny characteristics have to be remain unchanged, the AG17 proved to be very qualified. Do not close press head completely; touch gently with the head the buck 2–3 times to prevent crushing of the needles.

Available also in combination with Nomex needle felt. Has the advantage of a better stability.


  • Ursalit Needle Fabric
    Quality AG17N3
    150cm wide

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