Polyester wire screening

Application on pressing machines and ironing tables as upper and lower in-between layer.
The qualities AG20 and AG27 are used below flaps and pockets. The quality AG20 is also used as a before last layer on the buck of edge pressing machines.

Best use of the quality AG196 on ironing tables directly on the plate – one or two layers, depending on the type of the ironing table. The other cover materials will stay dry.

  • Polyester Wire Screening
    Quality AG18
    coarse, 150cm wide

    Quality AG20
    fine, 160cm wide

    Quality AG27
    extra fine, 160cm wide

  • Polyester Wire Screening
    Quality AG196
    extra coarse
    55 1/8” wide

Monthly Special Offers

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This offer is valid until 31.07.2024


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This offer is valid until 31.07.2024


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