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Intermediate Pads for Ironing Tables and Presses

Nomex®-Needle Felt as Intermediate Pad

Different ironing conditions and steam intensity? At this point our Nomex®-Needle Felt shows its excellence. mehr

Meta-Aramid Felt as Intermediate Pad

Meta-Aramid demonstrate advantage mehr

Polyester Needle Felt as Intermediate Pad

Four different varieties of Polyester Needle Felt for a reasonable Price. Take your choice ! mehr

Polyamide Needle Felt as Intermediate Pad

We offer a Polyamide Neddle Felt for ironing presses as well as one wich might be used as intermediate pad mehr

Polyester Molletone as Intermediate Pad

Our Polyester Molletone is recommendable for ironing presses and -tables. mehr

Cotton Molletone as Intermediate Pad

All Qualities are recommendable as intermediate layers on ironing presses and -tables. mehr

Monthly Special Offers

Cotton-Molletone SM123
400g/m², 100cm width
Special item WHITE

This offer is valid until 30.09.2022


Silicone Foam SRS024
2000 x 940 x 5mm
ochre, medium

This offer is valid until 30.09.2022


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