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Micropad as a overpad

Micropad was developed by Trecolan Handel with superfine pores, extra smooth surface for good steam distribution.

It is an useful and economic alternative to Latex foam pads color green which is not produced anymore. The very good iron results and the longer lifetime than Latex are self-explanatory.

Following points are special for Micropad

  1. Very smooth surface
  2. Superfine open pores for good steam flow
  3. More lifetime than Latex
  4. Superior iron results
  • Quality LES003
    Meas: 2000 x 1300 x 15 mm

Monthly Special Offers

Stainless Steel
Wire Fabric EDB/BRI
150cm width

This offer is valid until 30.06.2024


Silicone Foam
Soft Fix SF15
rusty red, 940cm wide
6mm thick

This offer is valid until 30.06.2024


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