We assemble for ironing tables, ironing presses and dummies

Pads for Ironing Machines

  • Basic Ironing Pad - SIL81

    SIL is a bloated Silicone foam, which is resistant even under extreme conditions mehr

  • Polyester-Needlefelt

    Four different varieties of Polyester Needle Felt for a reasonable price. Take your choice ! mehr

Pads for Ironing Machines

  • Basic Ironing Pad - Soft-Fix®

    Soft-Fix is polyurethaen foam soaked with silicone, available for different applications in various hardnesses mehr

Fabrics for ironing presses and ironing tables

  • Final cover cloth Nomex®-nettle

    Nomex®-Nettle is air permeable cover cloth, suitable for ironing presses and ironing tables mehr

  • Fabrics for stretch device

    Our multistretch qualities are a perfect final cover for head and bottom of double legger presses. mehr

  • Copper Screening, twill and tinned

    Copper Screening known for best steam distribution. Condenser water can get away easily. mehr

  • Polyester Screenings

    Polyester screening keeps the hole cover dry. You can work with one or two layers mehr

Accessory for textile department

  • High temperature hose with Teflon®-inlay

    Hoses and cables are available per running meter or assembled with fittings. mehr

  • Cleaning Sticks

    Special cleaning stick for steam irons mehr

  • Silicone Glue

    Soft-Fix® and Rau-Sik® foam will be glued on ironing plates and ironing machines. mehr

We supply filters for air conditioning systems and paint booths

Unsere Vielzahl an Filtermedien

  • Taschenfilter Synthetik-Medium

    Thermisch gebundene Hochleistungsvliese aus synthetischen Fasern, zu Filtertaschen konfektioniert, eng in den Profilrahmen gebaut. mehr

  • Vorfiltermatten

    Unsere Vorfiltermatten werden zusätzlich mit einem antibakteriellen Staubbindemittel benetzt, um auch bei ungünstigen ... mehr

  • Farbnebelabscheider

    Unsere Farbnebelabscheider gewährleisten hohe Abscheideleistung und eine hohe Speicherkapazität gegenüber allen Farbnebeln. mehr

We combat viruses and bacteria - VEIT Air Cleaner with 99,9% air filtration

VEIT Air Cleaner AC 10 and AC 20

  • Take a deep breath.....

    With the new VEIT Air Cleaner, which cleans up to 400 cubic meters of air from viruses and bacteria every hour. mehr

Monthly Special Offers

Stainless Steel Wire
Twill weave
150cm wide

This offer is valid until 29.02.2024


Silicone Foam RBS
2,6m x 1000 x 8mm

This offer is valid until 29.02.2024


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